Sunday, 16 September 2012


I've decided to jump back into the challenge from today again and not stress about the photos I've missed. I take plenty of photos- so still feel like I've taken one every day- just fallen off the wagon posting them here!!!!! There are a few things flitting around my brain that are obviously using up more room than they should be. Nothing major - but obviously whirring around in there! These leaves are the only 'live' thing in the hanging baskets now. Think I need to buy some winter pansies- or wait for Costco to bring their winter baskets in- instant colour with minimal effort!

Anyway- thanks to Lynn and Borqna for prompting me to get back into it!

Last night we had a lovely evening celebrating my parents golden wedding anniversary with them. My niece wrote a wonderful status update on her facebook page. She said "Forget famous people and sports stars- my nan and grandad are my role models". My parents are the loveliest people you could meet- obviously I am biased there. But all of my cousins love 'Aunty Betty and Uncle Maurice' and her best friends daughter asked mum to be be godmother to her baby.

We had a meal at The Plough in Shirley - and the main waitress we had was absolutely fantastic. She was called Holly- and couldn't do enough for everyone. She took this photo stood on the table- and I am in it because she noticed 'me' taking the photos and took my camera! She then had to take a parade of cameras! This was at the end of the evening when everyone was trying to escape and I wanted to take a 'group' photo. Everyone is holding the little cupcake boxes- we decided to go with those rather than a cake- as they weren't going back to my parents. They were all like children at a birthday party opening the little boxes to see what was inside!!

This is my lovely mum and dad. Unfortunately I didn't take a great photo of them all evening. My dad looks rather startled here! Mum's dress was a similar colour to her bridesmaids dresses.

I love this one of my daughter Emma. It's salvaged from an average photo which is why she's not central. But it is virtually impossible to take a good one of her when we are out somewhere as being autistic, unfamiliar surroundings really stress her out. This restaurant put our group in their own little alcove at the back of the restaurant- so there were no other diners near us.

My other daughter is in the white dress with the red top on. She's concerning me at the moment- she had her braces removed recently and seems to have suffered a total image crisis. She is now concerned that she is too ugly to be seen in public. She is worried about her additional year at school and all the issues are twirling round. She usually turns away or hides her head when I want photos. So to get this one where she actually looks like she has 'permitted' a photo is wonderful!
We managed to find a few colour slides of my parents wedding that mum's next door neighbour had taken. So I got colour copies of the 6 we had made for my aunts and uncles to keep and some to put in an album to pass round for everyone to look at. At the time most wedding photography was black and white- so they were all thrilled to have colour copies. My niece thought they all looked like dolls in this photo. You can almost imagine a Barbie doll outfit and shoes!


  1. Lovely photos Kim and so nice to have you back. Golden anniversary, isn't it wonderful. We have the diamond one of my parents 3 years ago and that was something too ! I hope things will settle with your daughter.
    How is Holly ? xxx

  2. It's lovely to see you back Kim.
    A lovely record of the golden wedding celebrations.
    I do hope your daughter gets her confidence back. It's awful being a teenager sometimes. Hugs to you all.

  3. great to see you back Kim, great photos too. Good luck to your daughter, its no fun being a teenager- I remember it!

  4. Thank you Kim for coming back, we had missed you, hope you didn't mind the nudge on FB :)

    Geat celebration for M&D, saw them all on FB.

    Hope DD gets her confidence back soon xxx

  5. Welcome Back Kim, lovely to see you.

    What a way to come back too...I am so admiring of long term marriages and what a beautiful wedding party. xxx

  6. Nice to have you back, I love busy family weekends don't you! I have some more dolphin pics on Google+ so will see if I can post a link on todays blog entry.. I have videos too.. x

  7. Wonderful photos, Kim!
    A wedding - OMG - Royal!
    Such things I have seen only in movies!