Sunday, 10 May 2015

We are all made of Stars- Rowan Coleman

What a wonderful book- it had me drawn in from page one and I really couldn't put it down. I have to buy a paper copy for my 'favourites' bookshelf.

A cast of characters centre around the Marie Francis hospice and Stella is the connection to the main stories in the book. She works nights at the hospice, spending time with the patients and their families to avoid being home at the same time as her husband. He suffered horrific injuries in Afghanistan and hasn't been the same man since he returned. They feel their relationship is in trouble and are dealing with it by avoiding each other.

Stella talks to the patients and helps them write letters to their loved ones, to be delivered after their death to hopefully bring some comfort and something to hold on to in the midst of grief. Some will their loved ones on to look forward and move on.

One day she's asked to write a letter that tears her apart- should she go with her heart or her head and what consequences will there be?

Hope is a young girl who is recovering at the hospice after suffering a particularly severe infection. She has a lovely male friend who brightens up the evenings at the hospice for most who come into contact with him. She has plans and wishes and hopes her friend will help her enable them. I loved the scenes between them.

This book really has everything, hope, heartbreak, relationships in peril, new relationships, a cat who is all things to all men and loves to visit the hospice to bring comfort for those feeling low. I kept turning the pages hoping to find that certain stories were resolved and willing others on to achieve their hopes and wishes. Every character pulled at the heartstrings and drew you into their circumstances leaving you completely involved with their lives.

I adored The Memory Book and We are all made of stars joins my list of favourites. 

With many thanks to the publishers and Net Galley for the chance to read this wonderful book ahead of the publication date.

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