Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Chocolate Garden

The Chocolate Garden- Ava Miles
This was a lovely read. A romance set in a small town in America- with a singer/song writer added into the mix. It is part of a series - but I read this one as a stand alone without feeling that I missed any of the back story. That said I am now keen to read other books by this author.

Tammy has escaped from an abusive marriage and is still healing her wounds at her brothers wonderful house. She has designed him a wonderful garden- and at his wedding she picks up several orders. Her brothers friend is keen to have a garden planted at his house nearby and quietly is keen to get to know her better aswell.

When there is a break in at her brothers house whilst he is away on tour she moves into John Parker's house to make the children feel safe. She designs his garden and a team has planted a lot of it. Then she decides she is going to plant him a 'Chocolate garden'- where all the plants are either chocolate colour or linked in some way. It all sounded wonderfully delicious and I'd love to find some of the plants and see if they can live in the UK!

This wasn't just a simple love story- there was the break in story to add a bit of drama and the images from the gardens added plenty of lovely pictures in my mind. The additions of a charming story about the chocolate fairies keeping her children safe at night whilst they are making their chocolate was a lovely touch and you could just picture the magic in her little girls mind.

The cover on this one is simply gorgeous- and would definately had me reaching for it in a real life bookstore. I still pick a lot of my books visually!

I received a copy of this book from the publishers Aspendawn through Net Galley- with many thanks.

I would highly recommend this one.

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