Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Doris Day Vintage Film Club- Fiona Harper

This was a treasure of a find through Net Galley.

Claire runs the local Doris Day club after her nan passed away. She loves the bygone era where everything was romantic and classy. Every month they play a different dvd. In the summer they meet every week and you get to meet the other members and find out a lot more about them.

She's also living in her nan's flat and has trouble with the downstairs neighbour. It starts with her falling over his bike in the hallway which doesn't endear him to her. He still thinks that the older lady lives upstairs and doesn't realise that the new neighbour can hear his music, etc.

Added to this, she runs a lovely travel company in a mall that caters for brides to be. She's tailored her agency to provide romantic breaks. At a function she meets Nic and is instantly attracted. Nic is hiding a secret from her- but he falls for her aswell. He works as a travel journalist and spends a lot of time away- but is beginning to think that he needs a settled family life of his own.

I loved the characters and the whole feel of the book. This was a real feel good read- ideal to curl up with a cuppa and a few biscuits. It has also made me want to check out Doris Day and might tackle an autobiography!

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