Tuesday, 17 March 2015

First Time in Forever- Sarah Morgan

This is the first of a series of books set on Puffin Island.

When Emily is given custody of her niece she escapes to her friends house on Puffin Island, to hide away from the world. She's hiding a trauma in her own life and is frightened of taking care of her niece.

Her friend has arranged for one of the locals, Ryan, to check in on her. He owns the local Yacht club and is also very stunning looking. He isn't keen to settle down or take on the responsibility of children but there is definately a spark between them.

As she settles into life on the island, she's gradually accepted by the locals who vow to keep her safe should the need arise. They have an early warning system using email and texts should someone on the island need help of some sort.

The book is very sensual, charming and one that really draws you into island life. We are introduced to all the locals as Emily settles down and starts to tackle issues from her past.

She also wants to start using her business knowledge to help out and has plans that means she and Lizzie could stay on the island.

I loved every page of this one and can't wait to revisit Puffin Island.

A 5* read for me!


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    1. Jo- if you go on Sarah Morgan's page- she's got a giveaway to win this and the next one in the series and a cuddly puffin!