Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The Ice Twins- S K Tremayne

This is a really creepy read. Angus and Sarah lost one of their twins in a tragic accident and both seem to be covering up different thoughts and beliefs about what happened on that day. 

Angus has been left his grandmother’s house on a remote Scottish Island that can only be reached by boat or the mudflats at low tide. He thinks they should make a fresh start there. It is a very beautfiful spot – but makes you wonder whether the isolation was good for any of them.

Kirstie their surviving daughter suddenly announces that she is Lydia and they buried the wrong daughter. She is haunted by her sister’s memory and disturbing thoughts.

With their marriage seemingly unravelling in front of their very eyes and a very troubled little girl to deal with- can they make their way through this.

So many twists with information being released that makes things more chilling.

With many thanks to Net Galley and Harper Collins Uk for the chance to read this great thriller.

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