Thursday, 26 February 2015

Creature Comforts- Trisha Ashley

Fall in back in love with life in this gripping read about fate and second chances.
The eagerly awaited new novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author.

Izzy has broken off her engagement to her feckless fiancĂ©e Kieran and returned to her childhood home – the sleepy village of Halfhidden.

She soon realizes that life in the village is anything but peaceful – for one thing she’s living with her mad aunt Debo and her pack of dogs, and for another, Izzy has a lot of unanswered questions.

When she was a teenager, Izzy was involved in a terrible accident, involving various inhabitants of Halfhidden. As she sets out to discover what actually happened on the night of the accident, she realizes that her painful past is actually standing in the way of her future happiness. So when a handsome stranger comes to Halfhidden will she let love back into her life?

Izzy believes that she is responsible for a car crash that killed a friend, when she was only 16. Various parts of the memory of that night seem to be coming back to her and when she returns to Halfhidden she is keen to speak to everyone who was part of the interviews and investigations of that evening.
She’s back to her childhood home after breaking up with her fiancĂ© Kieran and is setting up her own business selling clothes inspired by work she’d done setting up self supporting businesses in India, with the local women. They have inspired her with beautiful fabrics and she is keen to make a success of her new venture and helping her aunt to save the Desperate Dogs ‘sanctuary’- where she’s unable to turn any dog in need away. She takes on the ‘desperate’ ones- but they are trying to find loving homes for them. Unfortunately her aunt hasn’t been so proactive taking care of the business side and there are many unpaid bills.
There are threats to close them down and the new owner of the estate seems to be unhappy to have the ramshackle kennels on his property.
Their past lives are linked by tragedy and when Izzy and Rufus get to know each other better- there is a spark between them. You can’t choose your family after all!
I absolutely loved the cast of characters – feeling like I was getting to know the villagers as they come together to plan a haunted trail to rejuvenate the local businesses. I loved the idea of visiting pretty cafes, local galleries and an evening listening to terrifying ghost stories in the snug. Where can I book?! I loved the dogs adding more character to the story.
A really gorgeous read- I’d love to return to Half Hidden and visit more of the villagers. 

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