Wednesday, 14 January 2015


My biggest hobby is reading and I can always be found with my nose in a book. Since I finally caved in and bought a kindle - most of my reading is done on that. I love the fact that I can have my entire book collection with me everywhere I go and can get them instantly. I resisted having a kindle for so long because I knew I'd hate them. How wrong could I be!!!!!! I am a total convert. I still can't walk past a bookshop or aisle in the supermarket and one of those £1 stickers has me hovering like a moth round a light.

I've found a fantastic site that sends you pre publication books in exchange for reviews online and I have read some brilliant books that way- including some by my favourite authors. The photo above is a book I got in a competition online with one of my Bookbandz. They are so pretty and great for keeping your place in the book. I keep ordering some for pressies and being tempted to have that one for myself! 

Every year we get some of the bookmarks from the Card Factory as stocking fillers and love those aswell- and use them in my Project Life album.

Another of my weaknesses is buying cookery books even though I'm not that adventurous a cook. This year we really are going to try and complete the 52 new recipes challenge, This one came from a trip to the Chinese supermarket and comes with all the stuff to make the recipes- great idea!!!!!!!!

One of my treasured possessions now is a copy of Toad of Toad Hall signed by A A Milne. It is dedicated to a Director who used to live near my mother in law. I have always loved old books- they have such a story of their own to tell. One of my ambitions was to own a signed book and is to own a first edition one day.

One of my lovely friends Adele, got me a book signed by one of my favourite authors- One Night in Italy by Lucy Diamond. I treasure that one.

I have always loved reading and remember having to borrow a copy of Old Yeller - which we were reading in school, because I just couldn't wait long enough for the teacher to get through it in story time.

One of my favourite authors was Enid Blyton- even though she's looked down on by lots of people. My favourite was The Magic Faraway Tree and it's sequels. I just loved the idea of a magical land appearing at the top of a tree and the characters that lived in the tree, I also loved the boarding school series that she wrote- Mallory Towers and St Clares and The Famous Five books.

My cousin had the entire set in her wardrobe and let me borrow them one by one. It was so exciting to get the next book. I had to buy my own set when I had the girls- but they weren't as stuck on Enid Blyton.

I remember walking to our local newsagent when I got my pocket money, probably with my mum because we didn't go on our own and having enough money to buy a book every week. I think they were 17 1/2p and looked like these on ebay


  1. I love this blogpost, so lovely to get a mention, blushing :)