Monday, 19 January 2015

31 Things- Week 3- Morning routine

Well- this is a Monday morning routine! We had a perpetual calendar for Christmas and as sometimes I have no idea what the date is I try to keep this up to date. We bought it because it has Christmas Day as one of the days- and Emma will love that.

Speaking of which- my mum buys Pop Tarts for Emma over Christmas and last night we bought the box home with us. So at silly o'clock this morning Emma did herself two poptarts- could smell them toasting from the bedroom!

Whilst I am looking out for her taxi I usually unload the dishwasher to get it ready for the breakfast stuff.

I like to check what the daily photo is over on Daily Snappers- and today it fits in with the 31 things prompts.

This morning the postman knocked the door to say that he had posted 'most' of my post next door. We did get the latest National Trust handbook- which we must try and use more this year.

Next step is usually to unload the washing machine and put it either in the tumble dryer or on airers depending on the weather,

Then another scoop of washing powder for the next load. We're testing a cheap powder from Costco- and although it doesn't smell pretty (love the tropical one from Surf!) - this one seems like a good buy.

The dreaded ironing- getting Emma's outfits ready for the week!
Ironing ready to put away- Em's outfits needs sorting for the week with underwear, t shirt. top and trousers- with gym kit for Wednesday

Morning coffee- I was very naughty and treated myself to the caramel mocha packs in Costa- so I am enjoying these rather more than I normally would!

Try to look for new recipes on a Monday- to give us a few ideas for the week. This is the newest cookery book to reach us- he's one of the cooks on Lorraine and usually like his recipes- although this one is only for mince.

The bins need putting back after being collected. We've had the wheelie bins about a month now- and the collection went through a few teething problems initially- ie they forgot to collect!

Then it's time for lunch. Today a new graze box idea arrived- so I tried a few of those things- but think it will work out too expensive to keep having!

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