Monday, 31 March 2014

Mothers and Mothering

We had a lovely day yesterday. We went over to see Guy's mum and were invited to stay for lunch and saw both of his sisters. We then took the girls over to see my mum. My mum is my best friend- she really is the nicest person that I know and everyone I know thinks she's lovely too. She has an awful lot on her plate at the moment. My dad has neuropathy, is partially sighted and has recently been diagnosed with Parkinsons - on top of his diabetes. He has very limited use of his hands-some days are better than others- but he's also very unstable on his feet- so he can't actually feel if he's feet are on the floor when he walks. So she has to get him up, MAKE him take a walking stick when he goes off to the loo and do all his medication. He can play up on it a bit sometimes and she's run ragged all day long. Because he can't be left on his own for long she doesn't get to escape the house that often. But she's still there offering to do a Mothers Day tea for us all- even though I wanted to bring it with us.

 She still loves her bucket and spade- she missed it when the girls grew up. So the new holiday tradition is to buy her a new one!

 One of my favourite photos of my mum- we went on a barge trip and were the only ones on the barge.

I had a lovely Mothering Sunday too. The girls remembered for a start. Amy was coerced into making a cooked breakfast. Emma had made a lovely card and little arrangement at college and it really warmed my heart. She can be a bit of a handful and some days I'm glad to get to bed- but her words really made me emotional!

We've recently moved our table into the lounge as it makes better use of the space we have. Amy chose a dish and 'things' to fill it- for the centre.


  1. Lovely post and photos!
    Many thanks for the wonderful mood!

  2. Your love and appreciation of your Mum shines through.. and I loved those words in the card.. all kids are like that in some way.. hard work at times but know that you are the best thing that happened to them xxx

  3. What a wonderful mum you have. It must be such hard work looking after your dad

  4. Kim a lovely post and a wonderful tribute to your Mum. So sorry about your dad, we have several friends with Parkinson, a horrible disease xx