Sunday, 9 March 2014

For the love of books

Fact or Fiction
To be honest I will read anything and everything that comes my way. I love fiction- but love biographies, coffee table books and love flicking through recipe books dreaming of the day that I turn into a fantastic cook! These are a few of the books on the bookshelves at the moment. I must admit that since I transferred over to my kindle I buy far less real books and rehomed most of them- so my house no longer really tells you how much of a bookworm lives there. That's mainly down to dh moaning about the bookshelves groaning under the weight!

My portable library- holds much more than the real bookshelves these days.

World Book day- I still remember getting the girls dressed up on World Book Day when they were at Primary school. In Amy's last year at school- the whole 6th form chose to dress as one of the characters from Alice in Wonderland. I bought Amy a bright blue jacket- as she was given the Mad Hatter! We sewed a few buttons onto a jumper and BOUGHT a chain for the watch!

Favourite read to children

I tended to love books with fantastic illustrations and if they mentioned the girls names all the better- and Emma's Lamb was a particular favourite

Our nephew is expecting a baby (well his girlfriend is to be honest!) in May- which will be the first baby in the family for nearly 18 years- so we are all thrilled and I've started looking round for pressies already. They are having a little girl- so a pretty dress will definately feature! I also wanted to buy a nice book. I saw this one in Poundland and managed to get drenched in the biggest downpour this year and it got ruined. Emma still enjoyed reading it- and it has beautiful pictures!

Childhood memory. One of my memories from secondary school that stays with me is of our Welsh Headmaster reading an excerpt from a Child's Christmas in Wales by Dylan Thomas every year. Obviously being Welsh it was told in the perfect way and I would look forward to hearing it every year. It wasn't until quite recently that I sought out my own copy!

Favourite character in a book- this is a hard one. As a child I devoured everything by Enid Blyton and an endearing character is Moon Face from the Magic Faraway tree, I also loved George in the famous five and the 'good' girls from Mallory towers. I regularly find new favourite characters in the latest books I read- but I read so many I can't bring one to mind!

                                       Even my garden has it's very own bookworm!

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  1. I love Amys outfit. I have never read " A Childs Christmas in Wales". I must look for it.
    I have read "Emmas Lamb" though
    I love JK Rowlings quote., that's me.
    You have reminded me we have a similar statue in our garden. I will get a photo of her tomorrow.