Sunday, 16 February 2014



This weeks Lucky 7 challenge was to find shapes. 
This was the tasty chicken tikka pasty that I had for lunch on Monday. I would definately have another one!

This is a lovely box I received one Christmas that opens to reveal a tiny hand made teddy. It's so cute.

 More rectangles- a new tester box full of spices and herbs to make 4 different dinners.

The top of my favourite toiletries- Soap and Glory Body butter. It smells lovely and I like the feel of it. Some body lotions really make my skin crawl (have sensitive skin)- but this one feels lovely.

Some of the 'fossil' beads on my new bracelet. Circular!

                                This is sort of a cheat- before I found another triangle. I thought the leaf clasp on this necklace was a triangular shape.

Holly's witches hat is triangular and surfaced this week during another mass clear out! She won't be sorry to see it go!

Sphere- the lovely little baubles that made part of my calendar this year.
 Heart- with Valentines being on Friday this one was a little easier to find! This one is a new frame that is just waiting for a photograph.

                        The cupcakes that Emma brought home from college- red velvet cake

          The dessert from the Marks and Spencer Meal Deal that we had on Valentines Night
                                                  Chocolates from the same deal!
                             one of the old woodwork projects that Emma made at school!
 Rather than Diamond I'm going with the hexagonal/octagaonal? pulpit from some photos I have just found of Amy's trip to Italy about 6 years ago. I have never seen them before so it was a wonderful find this morning. They were on a disc that somehow found it's way into my laptop. very strange. They are Guy's dad's photos of the trip that Amy and her cousin took to join them on their holiday.

Arches, triangles and lots of beautiful curves. It makes me want to go and visit.

Fluid shapes- I wasn't really sure how to interpret this one- but thought these shapes on the kindle screensaver were very timely. So I have chosen to use these!


  1. Great pictures. Very creative choices.

  2. great photos, love the box with the teddy :)

  3. OMG! Bravo Kim!
    Very interesting! Thank you!

  4. Oh Kim what a great collection.. I am so glad that you group them all as it shows the theme of the week.. and all those hearts ..much love for you xx

  5. wow whos been busy catching up on shapes? i havent done two weeks of that challenge now but at least im kind of keeping up with my own one... well done!