Sunday, 9 February 2014


FAVOURITE PICTURE- I've used this one before, but it really does make me smile every time I look at it. I do have a couple of paintings around the house that feature the sea.
This is our latest painting with the 'artist'. We had a lovely weekend in Chesterfield for our anniversary last October and had been given some money to spend. By chance we came across a craft fair- and more unusually Guy was amenable to going in! We both stopped and chatted to the artist and picked out our favourites. We were going to buy one of the smaller prints and then decided to treat ourselves for our anniversary. The artist signed the back for us with the date.

My craft Haven- I don't actually have anywhere special for my scrapbooking at the moment. The dining room table is currently a computer workshop!!!!!! But this is the Project Life album that I've started this year and hope to keep up this year. I got to week 19 last year!

Tv favourites- this time of year I love to watch Dancing on Ice. I can't believe that Torville and Dean skated the Bolero 30 years ago this month! I remember staying up to watch them skate.

The Power of advertising- I saw the advert for the first box of goodies on facebook- and I think it was £5. It had 17 items in it and was quite a nice collection of things! I was tempted to order one. It's supposed to be a monthly box of surprise goodies. This months box had a lot less items in- and I'm not sure whether it was value for money or not- BUT we will use everything in it apart from the 2 drinnks- one is chocolate coconut water and the other fermented tea. But I get tempted by a bargain- so I am an advertisers dream. We may give this go for another couple of months and see whether we think it's worth carrying on with it.

  Digital or Print. I have always been a huge reader- I never thought I would embrace the kindle and resisted buying one for over a year. Once I had mine- I was an instant convert. This week I had a total disaster- and think someone trod on my kindle and it's broken. I was distraught until I forced myself to admit it was only books!!!!!!! Calibre stores a lot of the books that were on my kindle and the Amazon cloud stores everything I bought there. A friend helped me get a lot of this sorted!

But- although I don't really buy 'many' any more- I still don't think you can beat the smell of a new book. I won some books - and was able to pick some from a publishers site and they arrived this week. It was still the same feeling when they arrived- New BOOKS!!!!!!!!

We're still doing well with our new recipe collection. Guy is more on board with it than I am! He bought himself a cheap food processor at the weekend and cooked Apricot and Amaretto shortbread which were delicious.

A friend posted a recipe for cheesy quinoa bites- and by coincidence Quinoa was one of the items to try in the box full of goodies. So they were quite tasty aswell.


  1. Great that Guy is embracing the cooking.. and great pics. x

  2. Congratulations for this post and thank you for Quinoa information -
    really interesting new food!