Friday, 9 October 2015

Pretending to Dance- Diane Chamberlain

A new Diane Chamberlain book is always a treat- and this one was a great read.
Molly and Aiden want to adopt a baby but he doesn't know the full details of her childhood. Molly has distanced herself from all of her relations- but just what is she hiding from him. They are sent details of a young girl hoping to place her baby and have to put a profile together to get her to pick them!
I loved all the characters- we get the insight into why she has distanced herself from her past.
You can imagine Morrison's Ridge and all the people who live there.
With many thanks to Net Galley for the chance to read this wonderful book.


  1. Hi there - is there an email I can reach you on, please?

  2. I actually wasn't too keen on this book.

    I didn't like the main character and her choices. :)

    Thanks for your thoughts, and thanks for coming to my blog earlier.

    I like the name of your blog. :)