Monday, 13 October 2014

Pictures in the house

This is the newest picture to join the house. Most of our pictures have a water or beach theme. We've just painted the stairs and landing a duck egg blue- and the background on this picture brings the colour together with what will be the new carpet colour (beige of some description). I wasn't too sure when the colour went on the wall- as it looked a bit different when on a large expanse! It's brighter than I was expecting. But now we've been living with it for a while- it's made the place look a lot brighter and cheerier! We've got another 2 pictures to put up on the stair wall. One is a harbour scene made printed like a collage- I'll add a photo when the walls have had a final overcoat! We borrowed a special ladder to do the bits we couldn't reach- and now need to add a second coat. But for now it looks done!

Last year we spent the weekend in Derby for our anniversary. There was a craft fair going on in Bakewell and the artist was selling lots of pictures. We both picked the same ones out for a short list and this one was our favourite. We were going to buy a smaller one- but decided to splash out and get this one. This is waterside based aswell!

Another little plaque hanging in the kitchen.


  1. Hi Kim.. nice to see you here.. life is so busy isn't it.. glad we catch each other on the other side ;-) (Facebook) xx

  2. Nice pictures. I love the beach/water theme as well.

  3. Lovely Paintings, Kim. Derby/Chesterfield is the area I came from. I love going back there