Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Learn something new every day.

Day One

I learnt that it's nice to catch up with old friends. A catch up after several years!

We had a look round the new library and it's fun being a tourist in your home city! We also had a coffee at Starbucks and a lively piece of Shortbread which I managed to throw down the stairs. You can't take me anywhere twice!

Day Two.
Today's prompt suggested thinking about an old teacher and to find something to relate it to today. I learnt that you can get an audio file of a Child's Christmas in Wales.

The teacher EVERYONE remembers from my schooldays was a welshman called Mr Davies. He was the Head of Lower school when we started and knew everyone within days and who you were related to. He commanded respect and when you heard his keys jangling down the corridor anything you may have considered doing was soon hastily stopped. He must have come across lots of angelic students walking peacefully along the corridors. But I think the jangling keys were probably a warning system to allow everyone to behave! He could roar like a lion- but treated you fairly. I remember one day wearing a 'grey' pair of socks rather than regulation white (no idea why - cos I wasn't a rule breaker!) and hearing the keys and quaking. But being a good girl enabled you to get away with misdemeanours! or maybe it didn't cross his mind that I might be breaking school regs!!!!

He used to go on the school Lake District holidays and walk with the stragglers giving energy sweets. There were rumuors that he'd lost his wife and children and made the school his life afterwards.

But the most residing memory I have of him was him reciting a Childs Christmas in Wales EVERY year in the Snowdon assemblies. Having a Welsh accent it really created the perfect scene and it was amusing. It just became part of our Christmas traditions at school and we'd have been disappointed to miss a year.

I now have an audio copy and listening it today really brought vivid memories of a wonderful teacher, What a wonderful legacy to have - that if you check the school pages on facebook that EVERYONE of my age will mention him.

He was a chemistry teacher- but he only ever taught one of our lessons. But it was an amazing lesson- almost made chemisty interesting. He just had enthusiasm for everything and managed to pass it on to everyone around him.


  1. lol naughty you for putting a photo of me on here!! those pods were great, werent they?? i did really enjoy the time we spend at the library... and to be fair to you, i started the shortbread fight when i threw it at you first. We were acting like proper tourists too with our cameras... really enjoyed myself, after all those years i had completely forgotten how nice it is to have "girly" time. I dare you to another outing

  2. I'm free most days- so as long as I can figure out how to get somewhere I can meet up!!!!!

  3. Nice photos ladies. Well done for having some fun ! xx

  4. Ladies - Did you have an appointment to be dressed alike?
    What a great meeting!
    /You look stunning!/

  5. Hi Borqna- it was lovely to meet up and take some photos!